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UV Coatings

  • Area of Application : Metals, Plastics (HIPS, ABS, Polycarbonate, PP,etc) & Concrete etc
  • Brand : NAVIPLAST
  • Finish : UV Glossy Clear
  • Packing Capacity : 25,200 Litre
Start from 280 /Liter

Rapid curing, no or very low VOC content , high performance properties - UV-technology offers a number of advantages because of inferior adhesion to the substrate compared to solvent borne systems. UV-curing technology for industrial coatings has been established for decades. The advantages in terms of processing (high speed, smaller equipment), performance (scratch resistance, stain resistance, high slip etc) and environmental friendliness.

The increasing use of plastics as construction materials in automotive, electronic and telecommunication fields implies uv coatings on them

  • Improved scratch resistance
  • Dependable chemical resistance
  • Immediate quality assurance results
  • No drying time – better production efficiency
  • Versatile color and finish options
  • Tailored product performance
  • Environmentally-friendly solution

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