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  • Area of Application : Plastics (HIPS, ABS, Polycarbonate, PP,etc)
  • Brand : NIXOL
  • Finish : Pale Yellow Finish Basecoat
  • Packing Capacity : 20,200 LTR
Start from 2700 /LTR

The basecoat is a lacquer which is applied to the surface of a part before metallization. It must be baked for 3hrs at a temp 65-75 degree C after applying to get proper adhesion. Basecoats serve two primary functions for the vacuum metallizer

  1. Basecoats level out small imperfections on the substrate, allowing for a smooth, mirrorlike surface.
  2. Basecoats also promote adhesion of the metallizing to the substrate.
  3. For PP , PP primer must be added in 5% of total formulation.

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