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  • Area of Application : Plastics (HIPS, ABS, Polycarbonate, PP,etc)
  • Brand : NIXOL
  • Finish : Transparent Finish Topcoat
  • Packing Capacity : 20,200 LTR
Start from 2700 /LTR

Its a 2-pack system which is applied to a vacuum metalized surface to provide durability , chemical resistance, long life shelf, & protect aluminium surface from getting oxides to rust . it's a dry baked process at 65-75 deg C for 30 min to get an excellent durability.

The benefits of the first top coat are:

  • (a) it is compatible with the vaporized metal layer and the base coat.
  • (b) it is perfectly transparent so that the vaporized metal surface is clearly visible.
  • (c) it protects from discoloration at the environmental temperatures of the articles.
  • (d) it act as a barrier to the penetration of the aluminium surface.
  • (e) any colour shade can be obtained by adding toners(colours) in topcoat.

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