Vacuum Metalising / Metalising Coatings

Vacuum Metallising/Metallizing is the process of evaporating metals (most commonly aluminum) inside a vacuum chamber which then bonds to the desired substrate or workpiece to achieve a uniform metalized layer. The material that is being (aluminum) applied is then heated until it starts to evaporate; this vaporized metal condenses on the product or workpiece as a thin metallic film. As this is happening, the part is being rotated for uniformity of the coat. Thin layers of TOPCOAT paint can then be applied to produce other colors.
This is also known as PVD (physical vapor deposition)

Vacuum metalizing can replace more costly electro-plating as a decorating option in many applications, such as reflectors, toys, point of purchase displays,
caps, closures, trophies and household hardware, and more.

Benefits of Vacuum Metalizing and Spray Coating

  • More cost-effective than other applications
  • More environmentally friendly than other coating processes
  • Provides a more consistent, durable application
  • Meets a broad range of functional and decorative coating
  • Unique reflective qualities